A Chorus Line
The Nose
RagTag Theatre Company
The Devil Tree
Love is Love: Orlando Benefit


 "The show's standout performer was Adrian Rifat, a charismatic, rising star who gave his all and did his best to arouse the audience to actively participate with what was happening on stage, especially when he sang 'We Beseech Thee.' Mr. Rifat is a multi-talented actor with a great future in the theatre..."
Dr. Tom Stevens, Rising Action
"My three favorite performers in this production were Adrian Rifat (Horton)... successfully portrayed the emotional depth, frustrations and struggles faced by Horton. Wearing over-sized baggy coverall jeans, Mr. Rifat was totally believable in the role and was a large part of the show's success... was the standout performer amongst an outstanding cast of actors. You could not image anyone else playing Horton, the elephant..."
Dr. Tom Stevens, Rising Action
"Jesus, played to perfection by Adrian Rifat"
Daniel Galioto, Running Like An Antelope
"However,...Adrian Rifat as the pop star has-been that completely steal the show... and Rifat’s entrance with Ricky’s signature “prayer hands” were hilarious."
Jessica Taghap, OffOff Online
"They say there are no small roles on stage, and every actor followed this to a T. In fact the citizens of Provence were my favorite parts of the show, particularly the portrayals of Barnaby (Adrian Rifat)..."


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